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Development of 4 Mews Style residences in Dublin 4

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Seamlock Roofing


A new Development of 4 modern designed mews style residences in Dublin 4.

Seamlockzinc® was chosen to create a distinctive modern curved barrel vaulted roof design.

To achieve the tight radius of the curve on this project, Seamlockzinc® sheets were manufactured to sheet length requirements and curved by EQC onsite using specialist equipment. This contributed to a significant reduction in labour and time on-site compared to traditional methods for the roofing contractor.

Seamlockzinc® material will self-curve to a radius of 15 meters and minimum induce curve radius of 0.5 meters.

Seamlockzinc® features zinc particles incorporated into a durable coating which is specifically designed as an aesthetic option to naturally weather in a similar way to traditional zinc, rather than retaining a fixed colour.

Seamlockzinc® provides a lightweight,durable and cost effective alternative to traditional zinc.