Craigavon Hospital - New Paediatric Unit

Due to increased demands in design for buildings to accommodate a wide range of performances. The Built up nature of the EQC Seam which is a site assembled system, comprising of a liner sheet (or structural deck) separated by a spacer system with an external Standing seam outer sheet and non- combustible mineral wool quilt provides excellent fire performance and the benefit of reduced insurance costs. EQC Seam systems comfortably deliver specified air tightness, sound reduction and thermal performance.

The new Paediatric Unit at Craigavon Hospital was supplied with a Standing seam aluminium profile in pre-painted PVDF and Organic Patina to meet the Architects design criteria and aesthetic appeal combining performance and functionality. Aluminium site welding and welded cranks were also part of the design detail. 

ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management BBA