Craigavon Hospital - New Paediatric Unit

The task

Craigavon Hospital was looking to build a brand new £7.2m Paediatric Unit as part of an overall investment plan for children and young people across the Southern Trust area.

The facility comprises four key elements including a 19-bed inpatient ward and ancillary accommodation, a six-bed ambulatory care ward and ancillary accommodation, an outpatient department, consisting of five consultation exam rooms, treatment rooms, interview room and ancillary accommodation, as well as a staff support area made up of three consultant offices, two single offices and ancillary accommodation.

Whatever system solutions we delivered, the new building needed to be lovely to look at, and combine performance and functionality.

Craigavon Hospital

EQC's solution

We knew this project would work fantastically well with EQC Seam. This site-assembled system comprises of a liner sheet (or structural deck) separated by a spacer system with an external standing seam outer sheet.

Its non-combustible mineral wool quilt provides excellent fire performance and the benefit of reduced insurance costs. Our seam systems also comfortably deliver specified air tightness, sound reduction and thermal performance.

For the new Paediatric Unit, we supplied a standing seam aluminium profile in pre-painted PVDF and Organic Patina to meet the architect's design criteria. Plus, design details included aluminium site welding and welded cranks. 

Our process

At the outset of this project, we researched the U-values that were required, what the thermal values were looking to achieve, and knew we could meet the exact specification that was originally specified for the job.

We worked closely with the roof contractor before liaising with the architect, who accepted the detailing that we could deliver and the appearance of what they were looking to create for this striking new development.

The challenges included a lot of on-site welding, with a lot of the detailing being crank welding, where the roof was coming down to meet the wall section.

This put a lot of emphasis on the labour aspect of the job and the ability of the roof contractor to achieve this, but the job was delivered on spec to a high quality.

Craigavon Hospital with EQC Seam roofing

The results

With its striking look and combination of different materials, we believe the development stands a high chance of winning awards in the future - but, for now, it's an aesthetically-pleasing, functional and safe new Paediatric Unit for those who need it.


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