Lord Edward St Housing Development Limerick

The task

The site of the once-derelict and historical Tait clothing factory was to be turned into a new build construction of 83 housing units for the residents of Limerick. 

This €18 million development would be part of Limerick's regeneration programme as one of the biggest social housing projects in the country, comprising of 57 units for elderly residents with the remainder (24) being family homes. The site is part of the government’s ‘Rebuilding Ireland – Action Plan for Housing and Homeless’.

Lord Edward Street clothing factory
Photo: www.limerickpost.ie

EQC's solution

For this task, we began the cladding strategy with SeamlockZinc in mind. Its secret fixing gives a clean, attractive finish. Making it a good fit for the contemporary aesthetic of the house design.

The system was installed over windows and doors at front entrance canopies creating a striking visual statement against the mix of brick / render façade and complimenting the modern grey windows.

EQC SeamlockZinc is the sustainable roof and wall solution whether you are renovating an existing building, building a new home or large phased development. EQC Seamlock has a unique profile that resembles traditional seam and is a cost-effective alternative to natural Zinc.


Our process

To begin this project, we sat down with the architect to find out what his needs were. We knew we had a product and a solution that we could offer him in lieu of his original design brief.

He was really happy with our solution, as it met his detailed specification. 

One of the challenges was the intricate detailing by the roofing contractor, which would entail a lot of onsite labour to create the look and appearance that the architect was looking to achieve.

Lord Edward Street social housing development with EQC cladding using Seamlock Zinc

The results

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Stephen Keary said: “Lord Edward Street has been one of the flagship social housing developments not only in Limerick but the whole country. We are very conscious of the need to provide our citizens with good quality housing, and Lord Edward Street certainly delivers on this.”

Alongside this, the client then wanted to use the same materials and our services again for a similar project in Dublin.

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