In keeping with EQC’s stringent quality standards, EQC’s agricultural, roofing and cladding range is offered with Colorcoat® pre-finished steel by Tata Steel.

Colorfarm® 20 by Tata Steel

Colorfarm® 20 by Tata Steel has been designed specifically to meet the demands of agricultural buildings including a high resistance to ammonia and fertilisers, and is guaranteed to give 20 years functional performance. It suits any farming purpose, including livestock housing and crop storage and has been tested in contact with a number of chemicals commonly found in agricultural environments. During the tests Colorfarm® was exposed to vapour, liquid, or paste, depending on the chemical being tested.

Recent testing has been undertaken which confirms Colorfarm® 20 is classified as a CPI5 product as per EN 10169:2010 resistance to humidity.

Colorfarm 20® consists of the unique Galvalloy® metallic coating by Tata Steel which provides excellent corrosion resistance. The product has been designed to give protection against conditions that are found in livestock housing, and also suitable for vegetable and grain stores.

It is guaranteed to give 20 years functional performance, providing buildings are well designed and ventilated, and is available single or double-sided. Double sided Colorfarm® 20 should be used for single skin buildings.

Ruralclad® By Tata Steel

Ruralclad® is a value pre-finished steel product, designed for agricultural buildings that would only be used for dry storage e.g. implement sheds. Produced to the high quality standards expected from Tata Steel, it consists of a galvanised substrate with a nominal 18μm flexible paint system on the exterior side of the sheet and a standard high performance reverse side backing coat.

Key attributes:

  • Smooth 18μm polyester coating
  • Supplied with a galvanised substrate produced to EN 10346:2015
  • High performance reverse side backing coat specially formulated for use in construction applications.

The colours shown represents the nearest colours to manufactured products and are not exact matches. For material samples please contact the office.

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