EQC ROOF Deck profiles are available in a range of galvanised steel gauges from 0.7mm to 1.5mm, with the option of white lining-enamel coating to underside, to order.

  • Perforated profiles to provide acoustic absorption may also be supplied.
  • EQC decks in mill or white- coated aluminium material, are also available.

Download Loadspan Tables

Download ECQ-D60-S280-Table.pdf ECQ-D60-S280-Table.pdf Download EQC-D42-252-1010-Table.pdf EQC-D42-252-1010-Table.pdf Download EQC-D56-225-900-Table.pdf EQC-D56-225-900-Table.pdf Download EQC-D73-195-780-Table.pdf EQC-D73-195-780-Table.pdf Download EQC-D85-280-1120-Table.pdf EQC-D85-280-1120-Table.pdf Download EQC-D106-250-750-Table.pdf EQC-D106-250-750-Table.pdf Download EQC-D135-310-930-Table.pdf EQC-D135-310-930-Table.pdf Download EQC-D153-280-840-Table.pdf EQC-D153-280-840-Table.pdf Download EQC-D158-250-750-Table.pdf EQC-D158-250-750-Table.pdf Download EQC-D200-375-750-Table.pdf EQC-D200-375-750-Table.pdf
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