Traditional metal seam roofs date back hundreds of years and use materials like lead, copper and zinc. Specialist skills are required for installation. Sheets will often be formed on-site and the nature of the products means that they are usually bespoke. This attractive roof finish can be emulated by EQC Seamlock which is cost-effective, precision manufactured and quick to install.


  • Cost effective alternative to traditional metal standing seam systems.
  • Suitable for both roof and wall cladding.
  • May be specified as a cold or warm roof system.
  • Secret fixing resulting in clean attractive finish.
  • Option of factory production or site-rolling to suit project requirements.
  • Curved roof shapes can be accommodated.
  • Excellent acoustic performance with warm roof system.

EQC Seamlock is a cost effective alternative to traditional lead and zinc roofing. It is relatively simple to install and is available in a variety of metals including pre-finished steel and aluminium. EQC Seamlock provides the aesthetic and charm of time honoured materials like lead or zinc and is manufactured by EQC using the latest technology. The system details are simpler therefore making it quicker and easier to install. EQC Seamlock is also available curved or tapered, making it easy to achieve complicated building shapes.

The roof is a perfect complement of cost, technology and form. A range of exciting materials, colours and finishes provides a lower cost alternative to traditional systems without compromising colour, quality or finish.

Available as a warm or cold roof system, EQC Seamlock is suitable for use on residential, commercial and public buildings.

Whether it is a traditional look, or a more contemporary or modern finish, EQC Seamlock can off er the opportunity to turn both into reality.

EQC Seamlock secret-fix standing seam roof and wall cladding delivers durability, performance and design solutions and is increasingly specified on residential and commercial projects.

EQC Seamlock standing seam roof and cladding is an innovation from EQC. A sustainable pre-finished metal roofing and cladding system designed for the residential and commercial market. Seamlock is a fully supported standing seam system, designed, manufactured and CE Marked in accordance with BS EN 14783:2013.

Manufactured at our Works in Naas, Co. Kildare, EQC Seamlock sheeting and accessories are produced to the highest quality and are delivered directly to site.

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