• The widest range of flashings, gutters & pressings in Ireland
  • Dedicated truck for making deliveries to your site
  • State of the art folders - allowing us to manufacture countless shapes and sizes
  • Flashings can be folded in lengths up to 6.25mt
  • Highline gutters in lengths up to 6.25mts
  • Bespoke profiles can be made on our state of the art folding machines
  • 12 materials available to suit your building aesthetic

Using modern CNC machinery, EQC manufacture a range of pressed metal flashings to supplement both roofing and cladding systems.

Pressed metal flashings and gutters from EQC for roofing and cladding in Ireland

EQC roof & wall flashings

Metal flashings finish the ends and corners of roof sheets, to discreetly cover the point where the sheets intersect or where a roof meets a wall.

Flashing products help improve the aesthetics of a roof and its building, and protect the edges of roofs and walls - but, typically, they only account for a relatively small part of a building. However, when it comes to weatherproofing, their importance cannot be overstated.

In recent years we have invested heavily in our machinery to ensure that we can offer the widest range of metal flashings, gutters & pressings in Ireland.

We understand that, quite often, flashings are required as soon as they are measured! While this is not always possible, we do our best to get urgent orders turned around quickly. We also have a dedicated truck for deliveries to site.

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Get in touch with Michael, part of our Agricultural / Industrial Sales team and resident flashings expert - he'd be more than happy to chat about your next project requirements.

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Metal flashings for roofs and walls from EQC Ireland

Typical flashings

Our state of the art folders allow us to manufacture countless shapes and sizes.

Our standard and most cost effective length is 3mt - however we can fold lengths up to 6.25mt. Give us the details and we will let you know if it can be made!

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Metal highline gutters for roofs and walls from EQC Ireland

Highline gutters

We manufacture highline gutters in lengths up to 6.25mts.

Just let us know the roof profile & pitch, we will do the rest!

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Metal galvanized pressings for roofs and walls from EQC Ireland

Galvanized pressings

Additional fixing points are often required to attached sheets.

In situations like this, galvanized pressings are often attached to the primary structure to provide a fixing point.

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EQC bespoke metal flashings for roofing and cladding projects in Ireland

Bespoke profiles

Trying to match an old profile? No problem! We can fold bespoke profiles on our state of the art folding machines.

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Materials available

  • 0.7mm Leathergrain
  • 0.7mm HPS Ultra
  • 0.7mm/0.9mm/1.2mm White Liner
  • 0.6mm Ruralclad
  • 0.6mm & 1mm Colorfarm 20 (Grant Spec)
  • 0.7mm PVDF
  • 0.7mm Prisma
  • 0.7mm Granite HDX
  • Galv (0.7mm up to 3mm)
  • Foodsafe
  • Membrane
  • Aluminium

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