A comprehensive range of accessories are stocked for all EQC systems.

  • Rooflights in either GRP or Polycarbonate material are available to match EQC profiles
  • Specialist non-combustible mineral wool insulation can be supplied for both thermal and acoustic performance
  • To meet the challenge of revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations, EQC supplies the fully-engineered Quattro bar and bracket support system providing for insulation depths ranging from 80mm to 400mm
What is a spacer system?

Fundamental to any built-up metal roofing or cladding system is the spacer used to separate the outer weathering skin from the internal liner sheet. This stops the low-density insulation from being over compressed and allows flexible constructions accommodating almost any insulation depth.

The spacer system is crucial to the thermal efficiency and stability of the roof or wall system, supporting the outer sheet and transferring external loads to the structural elements. A simple example of how the Quattro bar and bracket system forms part of a built-up assembly is shown below.