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The 3 benefits of Nordman Tilesheets over traditional tiles

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Why Ireland's most popular rooftile alternative remains iconic 

Traditional tiles are a fine option when it comes to roofing. But sometimes you’re working on a project that needs something a little extra. That’s where Nordman Tilesheets from EQC comes in.

Our Nordman Tilesheets are the metal alternative to tiling. Formed and textured to give the appearance of traditional roof tiles, Nordman Tilesheet offers unrivalled quality in adaptability, longevity, and ease of installation.

Nordman Tilesheet on outside building - the ideal Alternative Roofing Solution

1. Nordman Tilesheets are lightweight & work on low-pitch roofs

With a minimum pitch of 8 degrees, lower-pitch roofs are possible when using a Nordman Tilesheet compared to a clay, concrete, or slate roofing tile. On top of this, it’s manufactured from Colorcoat® LG by Tata Steel, meaning it's a lighter material. This allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in construction projects.

Nordman Tilesheet - the tile effect roof sheeting

2. Nordman Tilesheets are simpler to install

Covering 1050mm in width and available in lengths ranging from 450mm to 8 metres, Nordman Tilesheets can be installed much faster than traditional tiling. Writing on the askaboutmoney forum, ‘kiwi’ says “I have used the metal tiling on two small lean-to extensions and found it a delight to work with compared to concrete tiles, it's faster to install and flash.”

Nordman Tilesheet in use on several large buildings - Tile Effect Cladding

3. Nordman Tilesheets have greater longevity and are sustainable too

Utilising Tata Steel’s Colorcoat® technology, Nordman Tilesheets offer high quality and long life alternative to roofing tiles. It doesn’t weather like traditional roofing tiles, so continues to offer an attractive profile long after installation.

Even at the end of its extended lifeline, it offers an advantage. Nordman Tilesheets can be recycled, providing even more sustainability benefits to construction projects.

All the colours of the Nordman Tilesheet - tile effect roofing sheets

Discover your colour

We can supply the Nordman Tilesheet in a range of colours:

  • Black
  • Anthracite
  • Raven
  • Merlin Grey
  • Vandyke Brown
  • Olive Green

And head to our product page or browse our brochure for more in-depth info. Otherwise, please get in touch with the team with any questions.

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