EQC products offer great advantages to the healthcare sector. Long term durability means projects meet and continue to meet required design life specifications years after installation.

With experience working with the design teams in the healthcare sector, we can match the stringent specification needs of these typically complex projects. All EQC systems offer superior fire safety and acoustic control.

Our BBA certified standing seam system - which consists of liner sheets, bar bracket and rail, non-combustible insulation and a top sheet - is perfect for large projects like hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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Standing Seam Roofing

EQC Seam (Standing Seam Roofing) is a lightweight, non-combustible, BBA certified standing-seam roof system which may be laid to a low pitch and is ideal for long length roof slopes.

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Seamlock® Systems

A cost effective alternative to traditional metal standing seam roof and wall cladding, EQC Seamlock® is easier to install while still offering the aesthetic and charm of more time honoured materials.

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Elect Roofing & Cladding Systems

Our EQC Elect Roofing & Cladding Systems range, available in a range of colours and finishes, offers maximum durability and performance for profiled metal roof sheeting and wall cladding.

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Roof Deck

EQC Roof Deck is for use primarily with built up flat roof systems. With structural and dimensional stability, this can reduce the need for roof purlins and structural steelwork.

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We have a variety of systems that can meet specific design requirements regarding fire-safety performance and acoustic insulation.

As partners with Tata Steel, we can also provide clients and contractors with comprehensive information on the materials used and provide them with the associated lengthy performance guarantees.

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Craigavon Hospital Paediatric Unit

Find out how we used EQC Seam to deliver a system solution combining aesthetic appeal, performance, and functionality for Craigavon Hospital.

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